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Active and Archived websites:  

Growing Gardens for Healthy Communities - A Study of Community Gardens

This project included first developing the logo over a couple of weeks, and then the website. It utilizes a font I developed called "Little Lamb," the name of an 1890's children's book from which the alphabet was collected.

Mountain-Air Health is a prototype site for a nearby healing center, and is still in development.
Meryl Cohen's unique fabric-collage creations provide richness of color and texture rare to find on the web. The "process" page gives a detailed look at Meryl's technique, with high resolution scans. The link above is for the site I made for Meryl when she was living here in Denver. Here is Meryl's site today.
Meriash Photography Barry Meriash Photography - just the front page. The rest of the site is due to be refurbished.
Paula Burger Art Artist Paula Burger's art was fun to translate into the web environment.Her rich palette of colors offered a chance to make a simple gallery site into a lush and rare moment on the Internet.
Western History / Genealogy Department - Denver Public Library
The Western History / Genealogy Department at the Denver Public Library - This content rich website [this is not the actual live website currently used by the Library, this was a prototype] describes the numerous collections, books, publications and artifacts at the Library, with many interesting images from times past. - Sharon Meriash's Macro Marvels - Flower Photography - Dazzling and colorful, this website is overlflowing with gorgeous things to look at.
The Photodigitization Project at The Denver Public Library - 150,000 Western History Photographs and Galleries
Bluestone Productions Video for events and documentaries
The Song of Mukhomor Tom Stimson's video/documentary of Kamchatka, showing important rituals, singing, dancing, and personal stories of some of the more colorful natives they encountered on their journey.
Essie Garrett's Underground Railroad Run - Essie Garrett, marathon runner/fundraiser.
Web demos, real world projects:  
Thumbnailed Gallery

This thumbnailed gallery shows some of my work in 3D illustration, film photography, and display graphics. It includes fabric I printed and then made into a costume for a large, mobile machine, painted masks, silk screen projects, and more.

The Indian Family Cookbook with recipes and history. This page is ancient in Internet time - but it is still refreshing and warm.

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