I made these fonts using Macromedia Fontographer. Each letter and symbol has been carefully groomed to remove scanning anomalies, to simplify lines and minimize the number of nodes. The fonts can be installed and used on any computer, PC or Mac (they are scaleable so that at any size they maintain their sharp lines). They will be available for purchase later in 2005.

The Hebrew letters in the Yafi Font were scanned from my own calligraphy. The font and symbol set are shown below:


The Shailas Font is shown below:


The Proteus Symbol Set (shown below) was my first project and will probably be divided up into several smaller (and more manageable) .ttf files. All of the symbol sets are gleaned from historical materials, however many of the symbols in the Proteus set were collected as long as 30 years ago, and after having existed as filed scraps of paper for so many decades, they've become part of the network. These were chosen also because they are not found in any of the symbol sets I've seen. In this bitmap version, each symbol is shown with its equivalent in an ordinary font.

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